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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recent Support of Non-Discriminating Legislation

Well, the Church's recent statement and support of a Salt Lake City ordinance is heating up the airwaves.

I suspect that everyone will try and put his or her own spin on the statement. To me, it looks like the Church is simply underscoring its prior statement after Proposition 8 passed in California.

I believe this all goes back to my points on the institution of marriage and the legal, contractual rights that generally accompany it. Not losing your job or your home because of your sexual orientation does not overtly have anything to do with marriage. These rights are important to single people. The ordinance does not endanger marriage so the Church simply underscored its statement that it "does not object" to these type of rights.

Well, some of our traditional conservative allies may take issue and it may give false hope to homosexuals concerning what the Church may do in the future, but I see no contradiction.

I like Otterson's remarks and they are instructive to all:

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