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Friday, October 30, 2009

Pew Forum: A Portrait of Mormons in the U.S.

The Pew Forum did an extensive study of Mormons and published it on its site July 24, 2009, a rather significant day for Mormons I might add. It celebrates the day Mormons first entered what later became Utah in 1847.

Back to the Pew Forum study.

There are a few questions badly worded that skew the results -- such as the ones on eternal life -- but much of the study tells many of us what we already know, but what many don't know about us.

For example:

"Looking at religion's importance through the lens of education level, patterns among Mormons are the reverse of what is seen among the general population. . . Mormons with more formal education are more religiously committed, whereas in the general population the opposite is true."

With extensive formal education, I wondered why my fellow students seemed to think that all my good sense, intellectual skills and educational training had NOT been applied to my religion. I was perfectly capable of analyzing it as well as non-religious concepts. For some reason, they seemed to think that I didn't exert my skills in this area.

Now, there is substantial evidence that supports the fact that educated Mormons are more committed Mormons -- the only religion where this holds true. Some other conclusions are also suggested by these findings but they are not very complimentary to other religions or other educated people.

I'll watch with interest as Non-Mormon commentators, pundits and agitators try to reconcile these seemingly contradictory findings.

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